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How can we enhance biodiversity in the built environment, reconnect people with nature and deliver more sustainable landscapes? These are some of the challenges Niche aims to address through its range of habitat solutions and knowledge-based support for the landscape industry. Founder and Director, Dom Knower is working with urban landowners including Manchester City and Liverpool football clubs to think differently about creating and maintaining landscapes within the context of a climate and ecological emergency. “My dream work is sitting down with clients and presenting to them the big picture. Outlining the situation as it is and revealing the roadmap to…

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Exhibitor Focus: Tigerbite

The Tigerbite mini concrete crusher is a game-changing machine that offers significant cost savings to customers in the landscaping industry. With its compact design, this crusher can access sites with restricted access, making it ideal for urban areas or projects with limited space. One of the key cost-saving benefits of the Tigerbite mini concrete crusher is its ability to recycle waste onsite. Traditionally, construction companies have had to hire waste removal services or use skips or grab lorries to dispose of excess concrete and construction waste. This process can be expensive. However, with the Tigerbite crusher, customers can recycle their own…

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Exhibitor Focus: Beesley & Fildes Landscaping Direct

Beesley & Fildes Landscaping Direct is your go-to destination for all your landscaping and paving needs. As one of the biggest online sellers of Landscaping Paving in the UK mainland, we take pride in offering our customers the highest quality products at affordable prices. One of the most compelling reasons to shop with us is our FREE delivery on orders over £1000. This means that you can get your landscaping project off to a great start without worrying about shipping costs. At Beesley & Fildes Landscaping Direct, we specialise in Porcelain, Natural Stone, and ancillary products. Our extensive range of products…

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Exhibitor Focus: Ultimate Space Company

Embracing Nature and Productivity: The Hex – Your Ultimate Work From Anywhere Hub Ultimate Space Company are exhibiting at FutureScape 2023 and they wanted to share their story…. In an era defined by rapid technological progress and a constantly evolving work environment, achieving the delicate balance between productivity and well-being has become paramount. As concepts like the 15-minute city gain popularity and initiatives like Saudi Arabia’s ‘The Line’ city materialise, our traditional 9-to-5 routines are being challenged, urging us to reimagine them. Spurred by the pandemic, remote work has become commonplace. However, rapidly, the idea of ‘working from home’ evolved, fuelled…

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Exhibitor Focus: FIREBOKS®️ – Things to consider when looking into outdoor dining

In this article we hear from one of our exhibitors: FIREBOKS®️. They supply high quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing Braais and accessories. They’re also the proud distributor of the HOME FIRES range of Braai’s in Ireland and the UK. At FIREBOKS®️ we believe that a Braai should be a social event and not just an eating event (barbecue). It should also not be restricted by the weather or time of year. If you have the right setting and equipment, every day is Braai Day! A bbq area can become the focal point of social gatherings, providing a space for friends and…

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Exhibitor Focus: Cramer

Cramer are exhibiting at FutureScape 2023 and they wanted to share their story…. For four years now, the Cramer brand has belonged to the Globe Group, the market leader in the USA and the world-leading manufacturer of battery-powered tools and gardening equipment. The company has already established a reputation as a specialist in sustainable and high performance technologies. Its products are developed by a 45-member team at the company’s research and development centre at Jönköping in Sweden. Pioneering battery technologies have been created here alongside innovations in IoT and robotic lawn mowers. The smart combination of batteries, software chips and motors…

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Exhibitor Focus: BigPlantPots

BigPlantPots are exhibiting at FutureScape 2023 and they wanted to share their story…. We’re Alando and Sally, the founders of BigPlantPots, and we’re excited to share our story with you. It all began when we discovered a massive plant pot on a Netflix show. Instantly captivated, we searched high and low for it online, only to find it was nowhere to be found. We soon realised that we weren’t alone in this struggle, as many other plant enthusiasts shared our longing for high-quality big pots. Driven by the demand and frustration we experienced, we decided to take matters into our own…

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