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The future of landscape has YOU at the forefront: Find yourself at FutureScape

Be part of FutureScape tomorrow FREE to register and attend LEARN from the informative, inspiring and educational seminar programme NEW voices, new faces, fresh topics, fresh thinking SHARE your experiences, your barriers, your ideas, your challenges CELEBRATE achievement in the 30 under 30 and small project BIG IMPACT awards CONNECT with 200 exhibitors, over 2500 attendees, clients, collaborators and prospects from across your industry EXPERIENCE the latest products, services and technology NETWORK with representatives from every sector, together as one DISCOVER new ideas for small, medium and large businesses at any stage of their landscape journey SELECT YOUR SEMINARS The seminar…

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Feel the full force: FutureScape…it’s time

FutureScape November 2019 is in 3 days’ time The landscape world’s favourite F word is nearly upon us.  A true force to be reckoned with, FutureScape this November promises big and doesn’t disappoint.   It’s 39 days to Christmas but luckily, a FutureScape Christmas comes early.  In just 3 days time on Tuesday 19 November, the landscaping world will descend upon Sandown Park Racecourse in Esher.  Absorb, explore and unwrap all that is visionary in the realms of landscape creation in the industry’s one-day must-see event. What type of FutureScaper are you? Timing is key With 4 seminar rooms, 20 seminar spots,…

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5 days till FutureScape

5 days and counting – what’s in it for me? Connections.  Whatever discipline you’re involved in within landscaping – building, designing, maintaining or supplying materials and services to the landscape – you’ll come away from FutureScape with an extra insight, ideas to translate into your own business and a whole new network of connections and potential leads to fuel the future of your landscaping plans.  Test new products and machinery, weigh up the pros and cons and compare and contrast suppliers.  Sit in on a few seminars to give yourself some ammunition to approach that tricky business decision you’ve been pondering….

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Can you afford to miss out? Your 1 week countdown to FutureScape

The Best Laid Plans If you’ve already registered for FutureScape – well done for being ahead of the game.  You’re in good company alongside almost 2000 pre-registered landscapers, horticulturists, designers, grounds and external works colleagues.  Great minds think alike, right? REGISTER FOR FREE NOW Every second counts at FutureScape. If you haven’t already, pre-register right now. Time is money and you’ve a lot to fit in – why wait? If you’ve already registered, make sure you bring your confirmation email and we’ll scan you through in no time. SELECT YOUR SEMINARS The seminar programme is the backbone of FutureScape and if…

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FutureScape Seminars: Embrace the environment

Room 3: Meeting the climate challenge head on The environmental impact of gardens, landscapes and outdoor space has never been more of a headline.  That’s why our live debates and seminar programme lends a platform to the landscape’s key influencers this November – head to Room 3. Wet and Wild: Nature’s Challenge to Climate Change Starting proceedings at 10am in Room 3, we’ll be urging our panel to consider irrigation, water conservation, plant choice and sustainability as we work together to fend off whatever a changeable climate has in store. Reshaping the Future: Designing Natural Playscapes Mark Renouard from Earthwrights will…

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This is THE ONE you need for FutureScape

THE POST you need for FutureScape 2019 If there’s one FutureScape news update you’ll need (as well as your registration confirmation so you can hot-foot it through our self-service booths), it’s this one. The One with the Show Guide The FutureScape Show Guide has arrived – if you’ve got this, you’ve got everything you need.  What to expect, how to get there, who else is there and when all the elements of FutureScape kick off – sorted. The One with the Venue Address Plot your course for SANDOWN PARK RACECOURSE, Portsmouth Road, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9AJ.  IMPORTANT – if you’re using…

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Thank you – you’ve earned this

FutureScape: You’ve earned it You’re part of a landscaping and horticultural sector worth £24.2 billion* and you’re one of 569,000 people* employed in landscaping services and ornamental horticulture. You’re a vital part of the UK’s economy and for that, we thank you. At FutureScape this November, we want to salute our landscaping family. From the jobbing gardener to the self-employed labourer; to the small landscaper and designer teams to the multi-office practices and large commercial organisations. One day, one industry, one vision Whilst we’re thanking people, we’d like to thank our 200 exhibitors, too – they’re going to make your day…

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3 weeks till FutureScape: Max out your day from 9am

Tuesday 19 November 2019 9am-5pm If the eight previous FutureScape events are anything to go by, you’ll know that to hit all the sweet spots throughout the day takes PLANNING. Wondering about wacky new plants or wacker plates? Greedy for ground cover or ground preparation? Preparing for porcelain or ready for resin-bound? Sourcing seasonal solutions or selecting site support?!  Deep breath, roll up your sleeves, gather your thoughts – it kicks off at 9am. Let’s meet up They’ll be visitors heading to Sandown from all over the country (and further afield) so make the most of the meeting point and join…

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FutureScape headlines to help you plan your day

Brace yourselves: You’ve got 8 hours to fit it all in… Tuesday 19 November 2019 at Sandown Park Coming from afar? Hit the ground running from 9am by staying over the night before – you can meet up with colleagues before show day and make the most of the opportunity to meet those who matter most.  Our friends at The Jockey Club based at Sandown have compiled a list of the nearest hotels here.  Easily accessible by road and rail, there’s ample parking and access is simple and straightforward on site. View all visitor info Doors open at 9am Straight from…

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FutureScape November 2019: One-to-one Interview – John Wyer

Pro Landscaper Theatre at 4pm Jim Wilkinson speaks to Bowles & Wyer landscape luminary at FutureScape this November   Quite simply, John Wyer is a landscape legend. Widely published and respected for his landscape design expertise and professional endeavours, Pro Landscaper’s Jim Wilkinson will lead this year’s One-to-One Interview in the Pro Landscaper Theatre from 4pm. Find out how John shaped Bowles & Wyer, how he negotiated change and rebranded his business to meet the future of landscape head on. BOOK YOUR SEMINAR PLACE NOW In what will be a popular arena, be sure and book your place to find out…

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