The purpose of this exciting new section of the event is to provide attendees with invaluable knowledge and resources to enhance performance within their businesses, ultimately driving positive change and advancement in the landscaping industry.

Step into Landscape Performance Live, a captivating section of our FutureScape Expo dedicated to showcasing the transformative power of landscaping. In partnership with Hyphae Learning, founded by award-winning landscaper Jake Catling and performance coach Sam Grayson, this immersive experience allows visitors to explore a variety of learning resources and innovative tips through dynamic presentations and demonstrations, illustrating how strategic performance enhancements can elevate any landscaping business.

Landscape Performance Live will be a focal point at this year’s FutureScape, offering two days of engaging seminars, dynamic demonstrations, and interactive networking opportunities. Attendees can look forward to:

  • Seminars: Dive deep into the concept of performance in landscaping through a series of insightful seminars. Experts from the industry will share their expertise and experiences, exploring how businesses can optimise performance to achieve greater success. Additionally, the zone will feature two live Landscape Performance Podcasts, providing unique perspectives and real-world examples. VIEW OUR SPEAKER LINEUP HERE
  • Demonstrations: Experience firsthand the latest in high-performance equipment and skills with live demonstrations throughout the event. From cutting-edge technologies to innovative techniques, attendees will gain practical insights into enhancing performance within their own operations.
  • Social Meetup Hub: Engage directly with industry professionals at the social meetup hub, where attendees can participate in Q&As and exchange ideas with peers. This collaborative environment fosters networking opportunities and encourages dialogue on pressing issues facing the landscaping industry.
  • Exhibitors: Explore a curated selection of companies exhibiting in Landscape Performance Live, with a focus on training, education, and employment. These exhibitors offer solutions and resources to help businesses increase their performance and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.


If you are involved in this industry and dedicated to creating beautiful gardens, our exhibitors got you covered.




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