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Guest Blog: Universal Paving

Luxury Development Transformation Universal Paving UK Ltd.: A Partner in Excellence At Universal Paving UK Ltd., our mission is to deliver high-quality paving solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs. Our recent collaboration on a prestigious new development in Kensington is a prime example of our commitment to excellence and innovation. Project Overview: Luxury Development in Kensington A prominent property developer embarked on an ambitious project to create a luxurious residential complex comprising 31 houses, each valued at up to £2 million. Located in a prime area, the development required premium materials to match its upscale design and meet the highest…

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Expert Lighting Solutions by Christmas Plus Ltd

Christmas Plus Ltd are primarily a commercial Christmas Lighting company servicing local authorities throughout the UK for over 20 years, our Managing Director having over 30 years’ experience in this market. Based in Yorkshire UK we have developed over the years becoming specialists in illumination of Deciduous Trees and Parkland areas as well as Architectural lighting. We work directly with the product manufacturers in Europe and the Far East, these products are manufactured with quality as first priority to ensure reliability and maximum effect. Through negotiation we can supply such high-quality products at realistic prices. Our services for installation are carried…

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Kent Wildflower Seeds are redefining the role of wildflowers in modern gardens

Photograph by: Ollie Dixon Winning a Silver-Gilt medal at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show with their highly ornamental wildflower display, the seed producers (who were first-time RHS exhibitors and the first wildflower nursery to exhibit in the Great Pavilion) set out to share their passion and expertise with a wider audience and illustrate that wildflowers are not only beautiful but can be a productive element of any sized or styled garden.  “Wildflowers can complement even the most formal garden settings, bringing a touch of untamed beauty to a traditional border, vegetable patch, or prairie garden, while providing crucial benefits for…

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Guest Blog: Get Paid What You’re Worth!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Denise Quinlan. I’m an award-winning business coach, with a visual twist, and founder of The Insightful Collective. I specialise with business-owning garden designers and horticulturalists, providing tried and test game-changing approaches to accelerate their business growth to get: More of the clients they love, with decent budgets Exciting and rewarding design projects A healthy and consistently regular, secure income And, yes, paid what they’re worth Whether they’re: Established but frustrated with their business Long Established and looking for a motivational refresh Or just starting out Through one-to-one coaching, group programmes, and workshops, I’ve imparted…

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Quickgrass “Green Repeat”: Pioneering Sustainability in Artificial Landscaping 

Artificial grass has faced significant criticism from environmental organizations and garden design experts who argue it has no place in modern gardens due to its environmental impact. Despite this negative perception, QuickGrass has made significant strides to integrate artificial grass into eco-friendly landscaping. In collaboration with its factory partners, QuickGrass has developed a range of landscaping grasses that are not only visually stunning but also 100% recyclable. This innovation ensures that, at the end of their life cycle, these products can be processed by recycling centers rather than ending up in landfills. This case study explores how QuickGrass, through its partnership…

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Perry Launches SleeperSecure Sleeper Brackets: Setting a New Standard in Timber Sleeper Installations

  In early Spring this year, hardware and trade only supplier, A. Perry, launches a groundbreaking product line into the fencing and landscaping market; SleeperSecure Sleeper Brackets. Engineered to redefine timber sleeper installations, these innovative brackets have quickly become a sensation among professionals, driving unprecedented demand for the range. Traditionally, the market has been lacking an accessible solution that seamlessly combines durability, versatility, and ease of installation for timber sleeper projects such planters and driveway edging, however, A. Perry’s SleeperSecure Sleeper Brackets have filled this void, offering unmatched strength, stability and convenience like never before.   Key Features Making SleeperSecure Sleeper…

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Blooming Together: planting wildflowers with My Square Metre

  We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership that not only enriches our event, but also blooms with environmental significance. We have embarked on an exciting project with My Square Metre, which will mean that every ticket sold for our upcoming show not only grants access to an unforgettable experience, but also contributes to the growth of wildflowers! Imagine the impact each ticket has, as they contribute to creating a vibrant ecosystem, transforming neglected spaces into havens where nature flourishes and wildlife finds a home. For every registration, My Square Metre will plant a wildflower, fostering biodiversity and offsetting…

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Guest Blog: Timber Decking & Cladding Association

The UK advisory body for timber decking and timber cladding industries Have you ever wondered if there are quality standards around timber decking and cladding products or services? Do you need technical advice or simply design inspiration? Look no further than the Timber Decking and Cladding Association (TDCA). We’re here to raise the bar on all things decking and cladding. Whether you’re a landscaper, architect, specifier, contractor or DIY enthusiast, we can help. Free Resources and accredited suppliers We have industry experience, a library of free resources and a growing member supplier list with independent third-party verification. To get a job…

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Guest Blog: Meadowmania

Biodiversity Net Gain – Promoting BNG with British Wildflower Seeds What is Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)? From January this year (and April for small sites) The Environment Act of 2021 makes it mandatory in England for developers to deliver at least 10% biodiversity net gain on all new developments. So, if a new road, or commercial development, or housing estate encroaches upon natural habitats, measures must be taken to mitigate this impact and to ensure that the habitat is left in a better state than it was found. For BNG, biodiversity is measured in standardised biodiversity units which take factors such…

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Guest Blog: Jacksons Fencing

Introducing Jaksun™, the latest innovation from Jacksons Fencing that is set to revolutionise the concept of garden fencing. As the UK’s first solar fence panel, Jaksun combines the timeless appeal of a garden fence with the cutting-edge functionality of renewable energy generation, offering homeowners a unique solution for their outdoor spaces. At the heart of Jaksun lies its seamless integration of conventional solar panels into the structure, alongside Jacksons’ signature high-quality Jakcure® vacuum pressure treated timber. This unique combination not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the fence but also unlocks its full potential as a sustainable energy source. With each…

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