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Guest Blog: DeckWright

Guest Blog: DeckWright

Nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of County Mayo, in Western Ireland, DeckWright took on the challenge of crafting and delivering 13,000 linear meters of anti-slip decking boards for a groundbreaking project connecting to Achill Island. 

Commissioned with the hefty task of supplying 13,000 linear meters of anti-slip decking to Ireland, Total Slip Solutions, renowned specialists in anti-slip technology, turned to DeckWright as their trusted partner. Recognised for our ability to swiftly and effectively handle large volumes, DeckWright not only provided the boards but also ensured timely delivery using our in-house HGVs, guaranteeing no disruptions to the project schedule. 

This monumental project stands as one of Ireland’s largest boardwalks, offering end-users a commendable Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of 71, crucial for safety in diverse weather conditions. 

DeckWright specialises in manufacturing anti-slip timber decking boards sourced from sustainable origins, catering to merchants and landscape gardeners across the UK. Available in lengths of 3.6m or 4.8m with two anti-slip grooves as standard, our PEFC certified boards are a testament to our commitment to sustainability. 

But our services extend beyond mere supply. With DeckWright Bespoke, customers can send in their own decking boards for customisation, choosing from a range of groove options and benefiting from our cut-to-length service. Equipped with high and low-pressure treatment tanks, we ensure thorough anti-slip treatment tailored to the customer’s needs, all in one convenient package. 

Our anti-slip service is renowned for its speed and efficiency, enduring the harshest weather conditions with ease. Through DeckWright Bespoke, we elevate customer boards to high-performance anti-slip standards, ensuring safety and durability in any environment. 

For projects with high footfall, DeckWright remains the trusted choice. Proudly manufactured in the UK at our anti-slip treatment facilities, our boards reflect our longstanding commitment to quality and reliability. To learn more about our decking solutions or DeckWright Bespoke service, reach out to us at or visit


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