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Register for seminars NOW

You can register for FutureScape seminars now. Which ones are you most looking forward to?

Build – The Next Generation

Come and listen to four up-and-coming landscapers talk about how they’re progressing, growing, and working towards their goals of becoming the next generation of Chelsea builders. All these young people have had a fantastic year. Most of them have started to build gardens for shows and are building great reputations.

Chaired by Jim Wilkinson, this seminar is a must-attend for anyone who is interested in seeing who the next generation is. The panel will include Ross Conquest (Conquest Landscaping), Jake Catling (The Landscape Consultants), Craig Nester (Habbitat Landscapes), and Ed Burnham (Burnham Landscapes).

Plants – Plant disease, it affects us all

Plant disease affects every part of the landscaping sector. This year we’ve pulled together a fantastic panel who know about all the different issues. What’s bad, what diseases are out there, how they affect the UK nursery world, and how this effects designers.

Pro Landscaper contributor Jamie Butterworth will chair the panel, which includes Professor Nicola Spence (the UK’s leading expert on plant diseases), Tim Edwards (who works for Boningale Nurseries and sits on multiple committees about the effects of plant disease on nurseries), Richard McKenna (Provender Nurseries) and Robin Wallis (Hortus Loci).

Design – It all starts with a design

Also chaired by Jamie Butterworth, this panel features young up-and-coming designers, who have already achieved great things in their short careers. These are the designers that will no doubt dictate Chelsea for years to come.

Sitting on the panel will be Will Williams, Lily Gomm, Tony Woods, and Hay Hawang. They’ll be talking about all things design, what they’re currently up to and filling us in on their future plans.

Let’s hear it from – the Landscape Legends

A new addition to FutureScape this year, we’ve pulled together a panel of what we’re calling the Landscape Legends. Come along and learn from the legends themselves!

The panel consists of Mark Gregory (who has more Chelsea Gold medals as a builder and designer than anyone else), Ann-Marie Powell (a well-known personality who works very closely with the RHS), David Dodd (a veteran of Chelsea who runs a very successful business in Sussex) and Jo Thompson (a highly creative designers and another big player at RHS shows).

Business Growth – The digital world, hyped or a valuable tool?

This panel will explore the value of social media to your business, and make sure you’re doing the right thing. Come learn how to make digital marketing work for you.

Hosted by Jamie Wilkinson (director of Eljays44), the panel features Ben Shaw from Adtrak (one of the leading digital companies in the UK), Adam White (who is prolific on social media), Laura Welborn-Baker from the University of York), and PR expert Paula Parker.

Business Growth – Growth, but at what speed?

This seminar is all about the speed of growth in your business.

It’s set to be a fantastic panel, with Ken White of Frosts Landscapes, Barry Randall of Leicestershire Garden Design, and Holly Youde.

Business Growth – Closing, it’s no bad thing…

Whatever industry you work in, sales is really important. Of course, the most important of selling is closing. This panel of experts will give you an insight on how they close and how to maximise opportunities.

Chaired by Jamie Wilkinson (Eljays44), the panel will include Richard Gill (Green-tech), Lee Bestall, Debs Winrow (Garden House Design) and Clare Morgan (Global Stone).

Aftercare Management – Overlooked or a business opportunity?

Aftercare is the new buzzword for maintenance. Lots of companies build fantastic gardens, but sometimes forget about the aftercare. This panel of experts will look at aftercare as a business opportunity and also discuss the importance of aftercare.

Chaired by Jim Wilkinson (Eljays44), the panel includes Angela Palmerton (Lady Penelope Gardens), Sarah Morgan (Sarah Morgan Garden Design) and Tom Bream (Great Martins Estate).

Plants; Soft Landscaping

For this seminar we’ve got a fantastic panel, hosted by Jamie Butterworth, that includes a mixture of fantastic soft-plant experts. Come hear them talk about opportunities and the value of getting your soft landscaping right. They’ll also give us some fantastic examples of where soft planting really helps in the overall theme of the garden.

Sitting on the panel will be Humaira Ikram (Redscape Design), Rossana Porta, and Guy Watt (Architectural Plants).

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