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Guest Blog: Postsaver

Guest Blog: Postsaver

Guaranteed Fence Post Protection 

Postsaver is a Gloucestershire based business with a global reach. Their innovative Postsaver and Postsaver +PLUS Barrier Protection Sleeves are used and trusted by specifiers, contractors and homeowners worldwide. 

Working with BSL

In a recent project Postsaver worked with BSL, a Highways England fencing contractor, to protect roadside fencing for a guaranteed 20 years with the addition of Postsaver Barrier Sleeves. The project, which was recently completed, now protects a significant stretch of agricultural post and rail fencing along the M5 in Gloucestershire.

About Postsaver Rot Protectors

Postsaver Rot Protectors use a dual-layer rot prevention barrier, which shrinks to the post when heated, sealing the critical ground-line section. They lock in preservatives, and lock out all the causes of wood decay whilst reducing ground contamination. 

The product offers a post replacement guarantee of 20 years for a standard size sleeve or 40 years for the longer length +PLUS sleeve. 

Richard George, CEO of Postsaver said: 

“Highways England are one of many corporate organisations who have benefitted from cost effective, guaranteed protection for their fencing projects. 

When it comes to wood, the industry is used to talking about its desired service life but we’re delighted that with independent test data, we offer not only a guaranteed service life of 20 or 40 years for UC4 treated wood, but also back that up with a post replacement guarantee. We believe there is a bright future for good quality, protected wood in the fencing market as the most environmentally friendly and sustainable product.”

Supporting Your CSR Goals

Wooden fence posts offer the most environmentally-friendly option in the market, and have a much smaller carbon footprint when compared to other materials. Unlike steel and concrete alternatives, timber is renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable, making it the most eco-conscious choice. By adding a Postsaver Sleeve and extending the service life, this significantly reduces CO2 emissions over the life of the project and supports environmental business targets. 

Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with Postsaver on +44 (0) 1452 849 322 / 

Guaranteed Fence Post Rot Protection Since 1994 | Postsaver



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