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Partner Focus: Alaster Anderson

Partner Focus: Alaster Anderson

It’s pretty safe to say that anyone in business wants to make more money. The question is: How? The short answer is to charge more and spend less. For most, however, more must be done to grow revenue.

There are a multitude of well-documented ways to grow your landscaping business, from managing time and productivity to buying smarter or differentiating yourself, but what’s often overlooked is how to upsell higher margin opportunities. Planting is a great way to do this.

Many landscapers shy away from planting due to a lack of planting experience. Some may offer planting schemes but lack confidence and know-how, selecting plants based on colour or aesthetic appeal instead of what works best in the location. However, placing the wrong plants in the wrong area can be a costly process of trial and error.

To design and create a beautiful garden that withstands the test of time and the changing climate, you need to understand the differences between plants and what growing conditions they do best in. Whether they’re susceptible to wind or pests, what size to buy and where from, storing and handling them, and what combinations work together – not to mention their difficult-to-remember botanical names! This is the knowledge we have.

As a landscaping & planting business ourselves, we have learned some valuable lessons over our decades in business and continuously adapt, develop, and adjust what we do.

We now want to share these learning experiences to help others in the industry grow.

Our solution is simple – to serve as your daily learning platform. It’s one secure place you and your staff can rely on for timely, relevant content plus useful tools, resources, and training.

Visit the website to find out more or visit the team on Stand B90.


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