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How can we enhance biodiversity in the built environment, reconnect people with nature and deliver more sustainable landscapes? These are some of the challenges Niche aims to address through its range of habitat solutions and knowledge-based support for the landscape industry.

Founder and Director, Dom Knower is working with urban landowners including Manchester City and Liverpool football clubs to think differently about creating and maintaining landscapes within the context of a climate and ecological emergency. “My dream work is sitting down with clients and presenting to them the big picture. Outlining the situation as it is and revealing the roadmap to where we need to be, which is always ambitious in its objectives!”

One area Niche specialises in is the creation of artificial invertebrate habitats, replacing the conventional bug hotels the industry has become akin to. Bug hotels have been a pillar of community engagement in the landscape industry for a long time. However, their impact as far as biodiversity enhancement is concerned lacks any evidence to justify their continued use for this objective.

An alternative approach is to apply a bio-mimicry-driven design process, taking our knowledge of invertebrates and their habitat requirements to recreate infrastructure which will function effectively for the target species. When we combine the science of ecology with modern technological capabilities, and creative thinking, we can reimagine what habitats might look like in urban landscapes today.

Niche will be at FutureScape (Stand D2) and will be looking forward to talking all things biodiversity and sustainability.

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Niche Environmental

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