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Exhibitor Focus: Tigerbite

Exhibitor Focus: Tigerbite

The Tigerbite mini concrete crusher is a game-changing machine that offers significant cost savings to customers in the landscaping industry. With its compact design, this crusher can access sites with restricted access, making it ideal for urban areas or projects with limited space.

One of the key cost-saving benefits of the Tigerbite mini concrete crusher is its ability to recycle waste onsite. Traditionally, construction companies have had to hire waste removal services or use skips or grab lorries to dispose of excess concrete and construction waste. This process can be expensive. However, with the Tigerbite crusher, customers can recycle their own waste materials on-site and reuse them in their projects. This eliminates the need for external waste removal services, and remove the requirement to buy in materials reducing costs significantly.

Furthermore, the Tigerbite mini concrete crusher also benefits the environment by reducing waste removals and promoting recycling. By crushing and reusing concrete and other materials on-site, construction companies can minimise the amount of waste sent to landfills, thereby reducing their carbon footprint. Recycling concrete also reduces the need for new aggregate production, which requires mining and processing natural resources. This helps conserve natural resources and reduces the environmental impact associated with extracting and processing raw materials.

Tigerbite collage

With the ability to recycle up to 8 tonnes an hour down to type 1 aggregates, the Tigerbite mini concrete crusher is a powerful tool for landscaping and construction projects.

The Tigerbite mini concrete crusher is available for hire, long-term lease, and sales, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. Whether a construction company needs the crusher for a specific project or wants to have it as a long-term asset, we can offer you a solution to a cost saving and sustainable future.

Watch their video on how their team dealt with removing 250m2 of waste slabs, bricks and concrete from a school courtyard patio, with very limited access.

Find out more about Tigerbite here or come and meet the team at FutureScape 2023 on 21-22 November at ExCeL London.

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Tigerbite Blue Orange Minimalist Crusher


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