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Chris Churchman

Chris Churchman

Chris Churchman is a Landscape Architect with nearly 50 years experience but with a vigour and an enthusiasm for all things new about the environment.  

Chris has a deep seated fascination with all things related to our planet, but more specifically to the UK landscape, which he sees as a resource that is undervalued, misunderstood, mistreated and in dire lack of management, something that we turn a blind eye on at our peril.

Dealing with the challenge of carbon and nett zero will require radical, innovate, ground breaking thinking, about the way that we manage, cultivate and plan our natural assets. As Landscape Architects we need to re-educate ourselves, to understand all aspects of our landscapes including the economic and societal forces that underpin them. 

For the first time ever humanity has to learn to curb itself, to not do something that technically and financially it is capable of doing, the habit of restraint is what will characterise the rest of the 21st Century.  


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