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So Solid Screw

So Solid Screw are providers of cost-effective, eco-friendly ground screws. Made of galvanised steel, our ground screws are an efficient, speedy alternative to concrete, producing 60% less CO2 than an equivalent concrete foundation. Ideal for creating modern foundations for all types of outdoor building projects, from sheds and fences to large-scale structures, installation takes a matter of hours, meaning building work can start immediately. What’s more, no digging required.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and commitment to quality, carrying out thorough digital testing to comply with building regulations. With no need for ground preparation work as required with concrete, we can get to work on your outdoor project as soon as the design has been agreed. Our trained team of skilled professionals install ground screws quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your project stays on schedule and within budget.

Perfect for hard-to-access areas, ground screws can be installed in any weather, providing strong, stable foundations for garden rooms, holiday cabins, modular builds, solar installations and much more. And you’ll keep your neighbours happy as there’s no need to dig up your space to put down concrete slabs.

Our fair pricing together with a positive, friendly approach has been repaid with 100% positive feedback from clients, who are delighted with their high-quality, environmentally friendly ground screw foundations.


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