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Redlynch Leisure

Redlynch Leisure Installations design, supply, and install creative play spaces that are built with inclusivity at their heart. With over 25 years experience in the industry, having been founded in 1997, we have a genuine love for what we do. Through our exciting ranges of equipment , we seek to create play spaces that inspire all ages and physical abilities.

Outdoor play is a proven way to stimulate children, giving excellent opportunities for social interaction, and developing key strength, balance, and coordination attributes. Through innovative designs, and using a range of materials offering different sensations to the touch, we design projects that play a crucial role in child development , and more importantly, provide a fun filled experience.

Creating playgrounds that appeal to all physical abilities is an important and growing trend in the industry. We are passionate believers that no children should be excluded from joining in the fun that a day out at the park brings. Recent innovations have led to a fantastic array of equipment now being available, designed specifically to cater for the needs of wheel chair users and other less able bodied children.

As with inclusivity, sustainability is a word on everybody’s lips, and we take our responsibilities to the environment seriously. We carefully select suppliers to ensure all timber used in production is PFEC or FSC certified. Likewise, in safety surfacing, the majority of the material used is comprised of recycled truck tyres, ensuring this notoriously difficult to recycle material gets a second lease of life.


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