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Quick Hedge

Choosing the material that will border your property takes significant thought and preparation—after all, you’re deciding for the long term. Your property border is a major factor in the look and feel of your landscape, one you (and the outside world) will be viewing for years. It should absolutely deliver an exceptional feel-good quotient. The choice is yours: consider not only your personal taste, but also matters such as maintenance, expense, and the way your garden or project will be used. It’s wise to take all these factors into account right from the very start.

QuickHedge’s instant hedges are unique and distinctive. Our customers rate our hedges particularly high on two major points:

  1. A QuickHedge hedge is a beautiful, strong, living, 100 percent natural border that lasts a lifetime
  2. The unique QuickHedge formula ensures privacy within literally one day.

If you are interested in finding out what varieties and sizes are available now, please request the QuickHedge current stock list at

QuickHedge, Instant Hedges,  The Netherlands


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