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OASE has always had a passion for water and for aquatic environments and design that meet the highest possible standards of technical precision – ever since 1949.

The business is made up of designers by trade and composers at heart, both when it comes to creating fascinating water scenes in gardens and aquariums and in the field of professional fountain and water technology.

From idea to implementation, from function to fascination, from technical to biological – the company offers innovative presentations, smart products, premium quality and pure convenience, all under one roof.

Developing and manufacturing first-class products is the means to the true end: staging living spaces in water and touching, moving, inspiring and preserving.

To this end, its specialists work together across different departments to find the best solution – with expertise, creativity and passion.

The result? Energy-efficient innovations and top-quality, smart solutions. OASE has put these regularly to the test in its in-house testing labs. It makes no room for compromises, ensuring it stick to the OASE quality promise.

Oase believes it is its job to compose a customised symphony of product system, convenience and individuality. Each component of the ensemble has to be perfectly in sync: the technology, the design and the design elements, such as water or light. Adding the right touches so that you can design a unique living space is something very close to the heart of the business. It helps nature to preserve its own power and impact.



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