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Lets Recycle Artificial Grass

Lets Recycle Artificial Grass 

“I have been involved since 2009 with artificial grass for the landscaping market and I feel very strongly about that we need to recycle now for the environment and future generations. Let’s Recycle Artificial Grass will collect your old laid or off-cuts of artificial grass and then we will start the process to recycle the artificial grass into products that will extend the life span for an extra 25 years.” – Andrew Simpson

Artificial grass has had some bad press recently and we are confident our project will bring many positive impacts on our environment and the industry removing tons of waste material from going to landfill. Not only does artificial grass get taken to landfill, tons of material is fly tipped as people struggle to dispose of there artificial grass waste. We are offering a solution to these issues.   

Come and visit our stand @ i30 and sign up and start recycling. 


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