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HAHN Plastics

HAHN Plastics, part of the HAHN Group, are leaders in the development & manufacture of 100% recycled plastic products for outdoor use. HAHN has been producing premium products from recycled plastic for 30 years, and as part of our signature hanit® range, we have a wide variety of 100% recycled products made for improving our gardens and landscapes.  

hanit® is finished parts and profiles made exclusively of used plastic packaging, which include a wide variety of high-quality landscaping products for garden, park and street design.  The advantages of choosing hanit® products are aplenty. Including an attractive grained timber appearance, they are strong, durable, weather resistant, and rot-proof, meaning they are also maintenance-free. hanit® is also 100% recyclable and 100% environmentally friendly. 

The HAHN group employs over 500 people globally, all committed recyclers and working towards a greener future. Last year HAHN processed around 90,000 tonnes of waste plastic into nearly 70,000 tonnes of hanit® recycled plastic products, almost the same as seven Eiffel Towers! 

With a 20 year guarantee but a design life of much longer, we offer a lifetime cost-effective solution to those in landscape design and construction. So, forget the annual maintenance and replacements; choose hanit®.


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