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Excavator Forklift

Excavator Forklift (EFL) has designed and now manufacture a cost-effective range of lifting attachments that allows users of 0.8 -3 .5 tonne excavators to quickly and safely lift much more.

The attachment makes light work of handling common 1-1.5 tonne deliveries. 

Attachment and detachment are quick and easy, with limited modifications to the machine being required. 

The attachment works off the excavator hammer service, re-directing the hydraulic pressure of the digger to create a vertical lift by the attachment.

Excavator weight determines lift capacity.

To give a sense of lifting capacity, the Excavator Forklift high lift (c. 2m lift) model, fitted to a 1 tonne digger can lift 1 tonne i.e. 100% of digger weight.

Its low lift (20cm lift) model can lift 125% of the weight of the excavator to which it is attached (capped at 3 tonnes).

Founder of Excavator Forklift, James Russell (B.Sc.(Eng)C Eng M.I.E.I), came up with the idea for these innovative attachments when he had a heavy lifting requirement and only a small excavator on site. The concept of the “Original” Type 1 and Type 2 EFLs was born.

After investing many man-hours further developing the idea and refining the product, the “NextGen” Type 3 and Type 4 were developed. These, the current High and Low lift models, combine the mechanics of the earlier Types and the genius of a wheelbarrow, further boosting lifting power with a design that requires a less bespoke fit.

James’ design has allowed him to harness the hydraulic pressure of mini-excavators which is normally focussed on excavating. Since the attachment facilitates a lift that is “all up” rather than “up and out”, the tipping point which would otherwise be reached can be avoided.

The EFL re-directs the hydraulic pressure to create a vertical lift while the attachment wheels support the load, resulting in impressive lift capacity. It is the attachment that lifts. The digger  provides ballast, hydraulic pressure and the user interface for EFL controls.


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