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British Sugar TOPSOIL

British Sugar TOPSOIL is a long-established supplier of high-quality subsoils, topsoils and top dressings.

British Sugars range of products are all produced using prime arable topsoil. The range includes Landscape20, a BS3882:2015- compliant, sandy loam topsoil ideal for general landscaping projects; General Purpose Subsoil, which is compliant to BS8601:2013 ideal for use with Landscape20 or Hort Loam; Free Draining Subsoil, a fully analysed subsoil designed for use on projects where a free draining subsoil is needed; HortLoam, a BS3882:2015-compliant enriched planting topsoil, perfect as a planting topsoil; and Lawn Dressing a 90/10 top dressing product, ideal for lawn construction and maintenance.


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