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Measuring complex shapes and areas with traditional tools has so much potential for error. Thanks to its patented technology, Moasure ONE makes measuring the difficult, simple.

Moasure’s revolutionary measuring device is transforming the landscape industry with its ability to measure complex and irregular spaces, simply by moving from one point to another – capturing and measuring changes in elevation as you go.

As you move, Moasure’s companion smartphone app will simultaneously draw your measurements, giving you a complete and comprehensive diagram of the job site.

No more wasting time transforming scribbled measurements into drawings, Moasure does it all for you while you go. Moasure makes light work of measuring large or small complex areas – accurately capturing measurement data and plotting a diagram as you move around.

Measurements captured with Moasure can now be exported straight into design software programs including AutoCAD, Vectorworks, SketchUp and many others – without any additional cost or monthly subscription fee.

Landscape professionals who previously relied on error-prone traditional measuring tools can now rapidly calculate area, volume, cut and fill, add depth amd measure perimeters and distance while factoring in gradients and elevations.



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