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Meet the world’s first motion-measuring tool, Moasure® ONE™ 

Moasure ONE offers an entirely new and unique way to measure complex spaces, rapidly calculate area and register changes in elevation – and it’s already a must-have tool for a rapidly growing number of professionals in the landscaping industry. 

Built using high-performance inertial sensors, this revolutionary tool works without phone signal or GPS, instead measuring with accelerometers, gyroscopes and algorithms – and all of this is packed into a pocket-sized device. 

Bluetooth technology enables measurements to be drawn in real time through Moasure PRO, the device’s proprietary companion app – this means you can have a comprehensive 3D diagram of a job site on your smartphone in the time it takes you to walk around a room or outdoor space. 

Completed diagrams can be transferred from Moasure PRO into design software, quickly and easily, free of charge – they can also be sent directly to colleagues and clients, so you can have ready-made, professional-looking measurements ready to share in an instant. 

Moasure ONE is here to help time-poor professionals make the most of every minute, speeding up their measuring process, and factoring in gradients and elevations effortlessly. 

There’s no need to rely on traditional, error-prone measuring tools any longer, as Moasure ONE allows experts in industries such as landscaping, construction, sports, lawn care, playground design and concrete, to quickly and accurately estimate jobs. 

Measure in a whole new way with Moasure, and make difficult measuring easy.


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