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Daniel Sampaio

Daniel Sampaio is a Brazilian-born furniture designer. For the Outdoor Living and Wellness Expo 2023, he is exhibiting his piece, Iara, which carries Oscar Niemeyer’s principle of ‘form follows feminine’. Its name derives from a figure from Brazilian folklore based on the ancient Tupi-Guarani mythology, also known as the “Mother of Water”. She can be seen either as a water nymph, a siren, or a beautiful mermaid that lives on the Amazon River.

After studying Furniture and Product Design at Nottingham Trent University, he moved to London to pursue his current Masters degree in Furniture Design at Central Saint Martins.

His current research is inspired by the ancestry and history of the Yawanawá women from the Mutum Village and focuses on their artistic work using glass beads.

Through a collaborative proposal, the goal of his research is to establish a partnership to develop a furniture collection ethically and sustainably, preserving the intellectual property of the Yawanawá women and, above all, the community’s cultural and spiritual identity, blurring the boundaries between furniture design and the artistic practice of Indigenous people.



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