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Why is everyone talking about FutureScape?

Why is everyone talking about FutureScape?

Let’s meet up at FutureScape

Tuesday 19 November 2019 at Sandown Park

There’s a buzz in the industry. FutureScape is coming. If you take just one day out of your work schedule this autumn, make it count. Make it Tuesday 19 November at FutureScape 2019.

Why should I make FutureScape a priority this November?

You’re busy managing your business, your team, your finances, your projects and your schedules. What matters to you is hitting your targets, making a profit, keeping your customers happy so they’ll come back to you and refer you onwards, and ultimately creating beautiful landscapes.

I can’t do this alone

That’s where we come in. You’re not alone – you’re part of the future of landscaping in the UK, and the future of landscaping meets at FutureScape.

I need fresh thinking

The home of fresh thinking in the landscaping, design and horticultural worlds, FutureScape is a hive of new ideas, new perspectives and a new, fresh approach to the everyday and longer term dilemmas every landscape company is facing.

I want to meet up with like-minded professionals

Perfect. Our visitors represent every sector and every niche of this gloriously diverse industry we call landscape. Either at the seminars or in the halls, you’ll meet kindred spirits and those who operate in different circles – but you can learn from both.

I want to face the challenges

And that’s how we’ve formulated the seminar programme and theme this year. We’re all going to need a fresh way of thinking to give us the tools, strategy and sheer strength to weather any storm that the economy, marketplace and climate will throw at us.

I’m ready to step up

If your business is growing, it’s challenging, we know. The panel and debate sessions will be bigger, bolder and more daring – covering aspects from wellbeing to VR technology, branding to money-making, harnessing nature to natural play – and everything in between.

Machinery, kit, tools – what’s new?

We all love a demo, and there’ll be new toys aplenty, with exhibitors keen to show off the latest in tech and tools and to premiere their ranges to help you maximise your future landscape plans. A perfect blend of competitive products across hard and soft landscaping, groundworks, services and business support.


I’m ready to register

Be a part of FutureScape this year. Pick your pace, plan your day and map out your landscape future this November – it’s free to attend and easily accessible by road and public transport. Doors open at 9am on Tuesday 19 November at Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher, Surrey.

Bring a colleague. Forward the event details to your team and make it a training day. Arrange to meet with suppliers. Bump into an old friend and ask them how their business is going. Bagsy a place at a seminar and hear from some new voices, eager to share their experiences, successes and hurdles they’ve overcome – all relatable, all with some practical know-how for you to take away. Demos, samples, product information, insight – you’ll have your hands full.

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