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Terrain Aeration Services Ltd

Terrain Aeration has been operating its deep aeration service for over thirty years. The principal machine, the Terralift, was designed in the 1970’s to relieve compaction and waterlogging around tree roots. Since that time, Terrain Aeration has increased the number of products that can be injected and designed different chassis to be able to get a machine on site in different situations. Today, the company treats all kinds of ground compaction panning and waterlogging on sports grounds, public spaces, golf courses, parks, racecourses, and gardens. The business has expanded to encompass a tree division and new housebuilders division. The Terralift machine uses a hydraulic ram and hammer to ensure the probe reached its one metre depth, where it releases its blast of compressed air to a maximum of 20 Bar/280psi. This fragments the soil to allow drainage and aeration. On the tail end of the blast, they release dried products, such as dried seaweed, polymer, root feed for trees and bio char. The probe is withdrawn, and the process repeated using two-metre spacings on a staggered grid pattern to ensure the whole surface has been aerated and treated. A most important factor for trees is aeration – putting oxygen back into the root zone, relieving the compaction panning to allow the fine rootlets to expand and grow. The result is a healthier root structure and canopy spread. This is also true for turf, where roots can grow, resulting in an improved sward and healthier root structure.


Terrain Aeration

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